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  Welcome to China Commentary [评论中国] Pínglùn Zhōngguó. It is intended to be a forum to comment about China; as well as providing Chinese commentary.


Eco-driving seat

In April 2017, cities around the world celebrated Earth Hour, a symbolic event where businesses and landmark buildings switched off their lights to raise awareness


Zombie factories, unborn cities

by John D. Evans  The world is always changing, some economies are growing quickly and some are in a state of decline. This is also true for all…


Shanghai Debate: Bookshop Barnies

We are delighted to host the next Bookshop Barnie in Shanghai 2017. Bookshop Barnies are salon-type discussions that challenge an author to explain their work

suzhou tram

Transport back on track

– by Nikhil Seewoo, Sui Yingda and Liu Bowei —   China’s love affair with tram systems started in the late 19th century with Beijing opening its first…

hdb housing

Singapore: Housing as Commonwealth Capitalism

– by Dr. Pietro Calogero — XJTLU is located in Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) in Jiangsu Province; an area initially resourced by Singaporean investment and know-how.

chinese window

La Forteresse assiégée:

Why the million-dollar view is bad for our body and our soul. By Xing Ruan

deserted mall

The Great Mall of China

How Shopping And Socialism Has Inverted The City. – by Nick Jewell — After three and a half decades of double-digit growth, China finally appears to be slowing.

Zhang Zhidong

Shanghai Debate 2015: China Rising

CHINA RISING In 1898, Zhang Zhidong said that China should adopt “Chinese learning for essence, Western learning for use”


Review: “Ghost Cities in China”

by Liao Longtai, Department of Architecture, XJTLU This essay is a review of Ghost Cities of China: The Story of Cities without People in the World’s Most Populated…


Tianjin: China’s Urban Revolution stalled?

by Maurizio Marinelli   Urban transformation in China constitutes both a domestic revolution and a world-historical event because it represents the largest construction project in the planet’s history.