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Shanghai Debate: Bookshop Barnies

We are delighted to host the next Bookshop Barnie in Shanghai 2017. Bookshop Barnies are salon-type discussions that challenge an author to explain their work

Zhang Zhidong

Shanghai Debate 2015: China Rising

CHINA RISING In 1898, Zhang Zhidong said that China should adopt “Chinese learning for essence, Western learning for use”


Lecture & Debate Series

We host a series of open lectures and debates with visiting speakers and practitioners. Watch this space…



Spring 2015 – “CHINA’S ARCHITECTURE: TRADITIONAL OR MODERN?” The historian EH Carr stated that “The function of the historian is neither to love the past nor to emancipate himself…

Caption_South China mall while under construction


December 2014 – IS CHINA CHANGING FOR THE BETTER? Smog warnings, traffic congestion, inappropriate behaviour, weak social care, bad food standards, rote learning, casual spitting, terrible TV, industrial…