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Liu Xiaodu talks about public space, movies & intellectuals

interviewed (and translated) by Han Jiawen 2012, Shenzhen   HAN: From your personal experience, what does “China” mean to you?


Lecture & Debate Series

We host a series of open lectures and debates with visiting speakers and practitioners. Watch this space…


Chinese 3-d printed houses?

In February 2015, The Washington Post announced that “a team of Chinese construction workers used a 3D printer to construct houses. By day’s end, there were 10 (houses)…


The Long Museum, Shanghai

by Austin Williams Atelier Deshaus’ Long Museum, the newest art gallery in Shanghai, speaks to an honest engineering aesthetic.

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China’s Universities & Social Change

Expectations, aspirations, and consequences. David S G Goodman, explains why there are no simple links between education and critical, political engagement


China Commentary

  Welcome to China Commentary [评论中国] Pínglùn Zhōngguó. It is intended to be a forum to comment about China; as well as providing Chinese commentary.


Europe and China

Roland Vogt (ed), ‘Europe and China: Strategic Partners or Rivals?’  Hong Kong University Press, 2012, pp283.

Wang Yun_Baiziwan_Beijing

Writing in(to) Architecture

Sylvia Chan, “Writing in(to) Architecture: China’s Architectural Design and Construction Since 1949”, East Slope Publishing Ltd, 2012, pp141



Spring 2015 – “CHINA’S ARCHITECTURE: TRADITIONAL OR MODERN?” The historian EH Carr stated that “The function of the historian is neither to love the past nor to emancipate himself…


Advisory Group

The strategic advisory board will provide China Commentary with editorial focus, representing as they do a renowned team of academic experts, commentators and critics. Read more details here……