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Welcome to China Commentary [评论中国] Pínglùn Zhōngguó.

It is intended to be a forum to comment about China; as well as providing Chinese commentary. It will act as an intellectual arena that will engage with social, political, historical and cultural issues. It will analyse, critique and assess. It is a mechanism to “understand” contemporary China in order that it might act as a research bridge to and from the West.

China Commentary has 3 specific research themes; “The Subject”, “The Urban” and “The Public” which are spelled out in more detail below. Essentially, these headings will allow us a degree of flexibility to interrogate many aspects of China and the Chinese condition. These themes will explore:

· the pedagogical issues relating to design and the methods of creative engagement,
· the form and functional requirements for the end-result, that is, the built environment, and
· the people that occupy those public and private spaces.

These inter-related avenues of enquiry will be explored in order to build up a picture on the essential ingredients of Chinese educational, urban and public agendas. Each ties into a common thematic of modernism and modernity.

the Subject: commentary on the critical/creative education process  and its participants
· Chinese/Western creative educational systems
· Critical discourse: Challenging orthodoxies
· Autonomous decision-making/ Human agency
· Judgment vs Evidence-based

the Public: commentary on privacy, social engagement and the notion of a public
· The Social Contract: Chinese public, social and civic spheres
· Live-able places
· Rural-urban flows: Migrant/transitional populations
· Heritage, intangible culture or contemporary urban memory

the Urban: commentary on urban design formation/construction in China
· Housing, urbanization and the idea of the city
· Rapid development, infrastructure and change
· Eco-cities/Model cities/Ghost cities
· Modernity and modernism